Elgabase (Pty) Ltd, started by Wayne Mukheibir, is a company specializing in the distribution of electronic security products in Africa. Wayne former Managing director of Holbert Technical Solutions for 12 years has successfully completed numerous Golf and Eco estates, commercial, retail, land based and maritime projects in the mining industry.

Elgabase supplies a wide range of electronic security products. Elgabase in addition offers comprehensive training and assistance during the design and commissioning phase of your projects.


1. Working with your Procurement, Sales and Project managers to supply equipment for your projects and stores to ensure you get the very best pricing:

- Security products

  • CCTV Analogue, IP, covert and Thermal

  • Access control Biometrics, Turnstiles, booms and booths

  • Metal detectors Walk through and handheld

  • X-ray machines for both human and baggage

  • Fire detection

  • Public address and evacuation

  • All accessories

- Electrical products

  • Cable

  • Electrical products

  • All accessories

- Networking equipment

  • Structured cable solutions

  • Wireless equipment

  • Equipment racks

  • UPSs

  • Network switches

  • All accessories

2. Finding the correct solution to match your needs

3. Designing the project solution within budget